The Hot Melt Sprint is our monthly challenge.  Each month Leanne leads a group through this 7-day plan.  Whether you’re new and need a jump start, or you’ve been here awhile and need a fresh boost of motivation or help off a plateau, this is the place to be.

If the monthly group date doesn’t work for you, or you just can’t wait to get started, don’t worry, we have an option for you, too!

Do It With the Group

Our next group Sprint starts on October 5th, 2020.

If you’re joining us, click the button below to get on the list to receive the daily Sprint emails starting October 5th.

Then move to the next section below and follow the instructions go to prepare for your Sprint.

How do I do the Hot Melt Sprint?

1. Download the Hot Melt Sprint Guide.

Click here to download the guide.  Read through it completely before moving on.

Click here to download the Down & Dirty guide filled with short cuts to make the Sprint even easier.

2. Decide on your start date.

After completely reading through the Sprint Guide, decide if you’re starting with the group or picking a date of your own.  Once you’ve decided on your start date, use the instructions in the section above to make sure you’re on the list to receive the daily Sprint emails, and pop over to the Sprint Facebook Community and find an accountability buddy.

3. Order your supplements. (Optional, but highly recommended.)

If you’re taking your Sprint to the next level, go ahead and get your supplements ordered.  Please note that depending on where you are located, supplements may take a few days to reach you.  If you’re in the continental United States, we suggest ordering at least one week ahead of your chosen start date. Click on over to our supplements page to grab your coupon code and then hop over to the store to place your order.

Please remember that the Saving Dinner store is a separate website and you may have different login information required to place your order.  We suggest keeping your login credentials for both this membership site and the store site in a safe place.

4. Prep your food.

Our Sprint participants all agree on this one thing: the best results come from those who prepare properly and thoroughly.   That means both reading through the guide completely, and prepping as much of your food for the week as possible. 

On the two days before you start your Sprint, make your grocery list, go shopping, and prep your food.

5. Follow the plan.

Once your start date arrives, simply follow the plan!  Eat & fast according to the plan, do the exercises, read the daily emails (and watch the videos), and stay involved in the Sprint Community.  Before you know it, those 7 days will have flown by!

6. Share your results!

The day after your Sprint ends, be sure to share your results with the Community.  Don’t forget to include those NSVs (non-scale victories), too.  We can’t wait to celebrate with you!