[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Herby Balsamic Pot Roast – – olive oil, chuck roast, large yellow onion (chopped), garlic (minced), carrots (peeled and cut into large pieces), stalks celery (chopped), large turnips (peeled and cubed), sprigs thyme (chopped), sprigs oregano (chopped), sprigs rosemary (chopped), balsamic vinegar, low sodium beef broth, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, , Heat olive oil in a large skillet over high heat. Sear chuck roast in skillet – about 1 minute per side or until evenly browned on all sides. Transfer to a large slow cooker.; Add all remaining ingredients to slow cooker (onion through pepper). ; Cook on high for 4 hours OR on low for 8 hours. ; Once done, gently shred meat into chunks and reserve half the meat for the following day’s lunch (Savory Beef and Kale Soup). ; Serve with a serving of veggies.; ; – <p>Related Recipe: <a href="https://members.savingdinner.com/recipe/savory-beef-and-kale-soup/">Savory Beef and Kale Soup</a></p> – Dinner – Hot Melt Diet – Hot Melt Diet – Vol. 3[/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

Herby Balsamic Pot Roast

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