Welcome to Take Back Your Body!!


How exciting to have you here, starting your new journey to Take Back Your Body.

There’s a lot to take in, it’s a year journey after all, try and not get overwhelmed–I’m here to help!

Here’s what to expect:

During the first three weeks of your membership, you’ll receive daily (well, almost) emails helping you work through the basics of the program.

One of the main building blocks of this project is the Course, here in the membership area you will see the two phases of the TBYB Course: The Take Back Phase and the Knockout Phase.

There are videos and written material for both of these phases.

This is heavy stuff for you to start exploring and digesting.

It’s not a “one and done” type of deal.

As you start going through the course, stuff will come up for you to deal with. Write in your LRN (Little Red Notebook—that gets sent to you within a week or so of you signing up!). Share with your TBYB sisters in our private group on Facebook.

It’s up to you how fast or slow you go through this material, but it shouldn’t be just once—and you’ll get that once you start because this is a multilayered process, like peeling an onion.

You may need to go back and revisit one of the sections. Sometimes over and over again.

That’s fine—that’s what they’re there for. And while it’s definitely not counseling (nor am I counselor), getting past obstacles in your life is not a clean break for most of us. It takes consistent work—like you would do in a counseling situation.

Yes, you may talk about the same thing and you may read the same thing, but the breakthrough happens because you’re doing the work, reading the material, watching the videos, writing in your journal, being a part of the TBYB group on Facebook, doing the Challenges, using Dinner Answers…

In other words, availing yourself of ALL of the resources at your fingertips!

There’s a calendar posted in the Facebook Group, and on the resources page so you know what we’re doing when (as far as the Challenges, Blitz’s etc.).

I strongly suggest you start with the 5 Day Detox.

It’s a very simple plan and will get you started on a positive note.

In between our calendared Challenges, Blitz’s and Knockout’s, you use the Dinner Answers software that comes with your membership.

There’s a reason for this—it’s part of your training if you will, to start choosing good food that will nourish and satisfy your body. Eating healthy is a habit that has to be developed and this is a great way to make that happen.

For all of our challenges, blitz’s etc, you will be sent these programs automatically via email.

We also house everything online here in the membership area so if you don’t get it in your email (and we always send them FYI, but sometimes email can prove difficult to deliver for whatever crazy reason), you can always download it here.

We also do an optional (but highly recommended) Jump Start Cleanse—this is a product based cleanse that is practically magical and very popular. We do this monthly.

TBYB members get special discounts on our product line and never pay shipping charges.

Thank you for Taking Back Your Body! I cannot wait to hear about and see your results!

Love, Leanne