Take Back Your Body, Take Back Your Life

Leanne Ely, founder of SavingDinner.com



Wrap your head around it: More than food or exercise, your mindset is the #1 reason you fail or succeed with weight-loss.



I’ve got your back. Studies have shown that weight loss increases and is more permanent when you have a support system in place.



It’s about a custom plan that works for YOU. One size doesn’t fit all. Let’s find the right eating style for you and make it easy to stick with it.

For more than a decade, I topped the scale at 240 pounds (240!) And let me tell you, being a fat nutritionist (240 pounds!) really put my credibility on the line. Never mind my health.

I was so ashamed that I couldn’t do for myself what I was promising I could do for other people. I couldn’t lose the weight…I couldn’t get back my energy…and couldn’t get myself “better.”

The struggle got worse and worse…I just kept getting fatter and sicker. I was at my wit’s end.

Maybe you’ve been there, too…

And we both know it isn’t just about looks. Sure, I cared that none of my clothes fit. But the real worry was my health. It was spiraling out of control and nothing I tried worked — and believe me, I tried EVERYTHING.

One day, I hit the wall. I’d had ENOUGH!

I looked at myself in the mirror and declared, “I’m going to take back my body.”

And that’s exactly what I did. It took a lot of trial and error, a lot of soul searching and a LOT of hard work,  I did it!

And today, I want to share those secrets with you…to help you get healthy, look great, and TAKE BACK YOUR BODY – once and for all!

Now is your time…and I want to help you get there!

Drop the weight, fix your gut, get healthy again, and feel better than you have in years – or thought you ever could again.


Photo: 2002 or 2003, opening of the FlyShop–see the FlyLady there in purple? I’m trying to hide my 237 pounds by wearing all black. It’s not working.

So get ready…

Because soon you’ll be back in those skinny jeans…

Or even that (gasp!) bathing suit…

Smiling at yourself in the mirror again…

And feeling full of energy all day, every day.

But let me be 100% clear…

This ISN’T a 3-day fast or a miracle juice diet.

This ISN’T a “6 moves to perfect abs” routine.

And this certainly ISN’T a meal-in-a-cardboard-box plan that you suffer through for a month.

None of those make you healthy and none of those give you lasting results.

So this is a commitment. To yourself, to your body, and to your health.

It won’t happen overnight. But. It. Will. Happen!

The Take Back Your Life Program

Here’s what you can expect when you join us.

Private Coaching with Leanne

A quarterly private coaching session with Leanne will keep you on track with a customized plan to create the life you want.

Seasonal Menus & Challenges

Accountability, encouragement and guidance will help you make the most of our eating plans.

Special Monthly MasterClass

Each month you’ll be invited to a members-only masterclass + live Q&A with Leanne.

Dinner Answers Access

Your membership includes full access to our Dinner Answers custom menu planner.

Supplement Discount

As a member, you’ll receive 15% off and free shipping on your supplement purchases.

Private Facebook Community

Our private community is there to support you the entire way.  Join Leanne there for her weekly Facebook Lives!

Additional Resources

You’ll also receive these goodies: a hard-copy Little Red Notebook and the digital Take Back Your Life Journal.

So how does it all work together?

We’re so glad you asked!


Phase 1- The Jump Start

During the first few weeks, we get to know each other and get started on resetting our habits and our minds.

Phase 2 - Take Back Your Body

During this phase we rotate through some great menus and work on further building healthy habits while learning exactly what your body needs.


Phase 3 - Take Back Your Life

Now we take what we’ve learned and formulate a sustainable lifestyle plan for you to continue living fabulously.

Our Alumni Love Leanne’s Programs!

Here’s what they have to say…

Saturday my husband and I participated in the Climb Big Mountain event in Whitefish, MT. I did it last year, too. The collage has photos from this year and last. I’ve lost 40 pounds and was able to go the 3.8 miles to the top in 2-1/2 hours instead of nearly 4 hours last year. So glad for TBYB and the changes that have taken place.

Patricia H.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got answers!

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes!  We offer a payment plan of $157/quarter.  You can sign up for it by clicking here.

What if I have questions that aren't answered here?

We’re happy to help answer those questions for you.  You can contact our customer support team and they will either be able to answer the question for you or put you in contact with Leanne herself to get an answer.

So…are you ready…to take back your body and your life? To restore your health and your energy? To find real joy?

Don’t wait another minute.

Join me today by clicking the button below.
And let’s take this journey together.

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